Monday, March 31, 2014


It's already begun. She must be my daughter after all.


Mimi's not at our house anymore.


She's on the boat now.


Because that's where she lives sometimes.


Take 2:


Yeah, we are headed toward the park.


Not tonight, Bean.


Because it's almost bath time and it's kind a wet.


Because it's been raining.


Uh, I guess because that's how the weather works.

Take 3:


Yeah, we are driving by the school with all the fishes. 

So many fishes. More fishes?

We passed them all, they're all gone now. 


Because we drove past them. 


Because we are headed home now. 


It's time to go home and cook dinner and see Daddy. 

See Daddy!'

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Portlandia Party

A "humble brag," by internet definition, is a statement in which you pretend to be modest but are actually telling people about success/achievements. As in, "I only spent 30 minutes making that pie so I can't believe I won first place!" or, "I'm so embarrassed to be wearing this Versace dress that cost only $500 to the Oscar party with Brad Pitt." I haven't quite mastered the #humblebrag, so there's no pretending about it - I threw a good toddler party.

I've been patting myself on the back the past couple days for the success of Bean's 2nd birthday party. A Portlandia party?!? Brilliant! If I do say so myself. I know some people find themes to be a bit cliche and overrated, but, I, on the other hand, think they are F.U.N. And I figure once the Bean discovers I'm not as cool as she thinks I am, I'll have very few chances to take a theme and run to the craft store with it.

My original idea for her 2nd birthday party was a "farm party." My motivation for this was twofold: 1) I wanted to rent Francie a pony, like, one that comes to your front yard and you get to ride around the neighborhood for an hour or two - how cool is that?!?, and 2) I think "farm party" is a funny play on words, since my rehabbed party-girl ways likes the double entendre of "pharm party" - get it?!?

Alex quickly nixed the pony rental (even though, for the record, it was only $150 for an hour). He thought we were setting the bar too high. "What, is she gonna go to Vegas for her 13th birthday?" Hmm, not a bad idea; we could see a Cirque water show. My next idea, inspired by the Bean's love of buses, was to invite friends over and ride Trimet around the neighborhood. I thought this was a great, unique, and cost-effective idea. And all kids love going for a ride, right? Alex, the dream-killer, again nixed the idea, labeling it "weird." Whatever. So instead of taking Francie on public transit, I was inspired to bring public transit to her home - in the form of a revamped cardboard box. This, in turn, inspired the notion of a "Portland" themed party. And I ought to give credit where credit is due. This was actually Alex's off-the-cuff idea. Hear me, babe? I'm giving you credit! Seriously though, we got to brainstorming about everything "Portland" and thought we could transform most things that we already own into some sort of a Portlandia party - tattoos, dress-up, arts, bicycles, and more.

So without further adieu, here are pictures from the Bean's 2nd birthday, when the sun decided to uncharacteristically shine down on her "Portlandia Party."


View from the front - from L to R, outdoor building bricks in the corner, to represent the South Waterfront and the perpetual construction; a cardboard box turned Trimet bus, miniature bicycle on the front and all; Trimet bus stop sign; homemade Happy Birthday banner from last year's party; a trike; and the sand/water table representing Sauvie Island's beaches.
Trimet bus stop close-up. Baby in a stroller waiting for the bus.
The Trimet driver. She's definitely not equipped to manage this rig.

Portland street signs - Alberta St. representing Alberta Arts district (kid-friendly crafts), NW Sauvie Island Rd pointing you to Sauvie Island beaches (sand/water table out front), and SE Hawthorne where you can get tattoos and play hipster dress-up.

Tattoo shop. Temporary tats for all.

Photo backdrop - I cut a bunch of red streamers to size and taped them on our wall.

Another living room shot.

Musical instruments that we already owned - Music Millennium, my favorite Portland music store of the 1990s, where I bought my first CD.

Our dress-up box, with a few glasses and mustaches and trucker hats added for hipster charm.

The food setup, your basic snack attack - chips and salsa, crackers and bread, veggies and humus, goldfishies, animal crackers, and the delicious meat and cheese platter, courtesy of Al from Olympic Provisions.

Teal tablecloth and red and white banner from Target's party section.

A close-up of the carnivorous goodies. "Meat Here."

Alberta Arts district, aka the kids' craft table.

Put a Bird on It.

No, seriously, make a bird and put it on the branch.

Or color a bike.

Or put a sticker on it.

The coloring wall - I posted a piece of butcher paper up and put out a bunch of crayons so that the kiddos could color on the wall, graffitti under the bridge style. And I even drew that Burnside rendition myself.

The Birthday Bean, testing out the photo backdrop in case the kiddos wanted to play "hipster dress-up," as I so hoped. Her dress was a Christmas gift that she had not yet worn, but was a perfect choice as the skirt portion has bikes on it. It was purchased as seen here from Target.

The sunshine made for great outside play, short sleeves and all.

Dogs welcome, too.

The family that fedoras together, stays together.

Claire kidnapped Francie for a book or two. Portlanders like to read. "Reading is sexy", as they say.

Baking credit: Mimi. Lemon cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. She even freehanded the bus last minute. Watch out, Cake Wars.

Damn straight my sweater has bikes on it. Thanks as always, Target.

Cake. Everywhere.

Bunny Boone. Still not impressed. But I am, with that Gerber Baby cuteness.

Trike time.

What helmet?

Monroe - the only child agreeable to dress-up and photo sesh. But did she have a choice??

Tutus and babies and bunnies and princess fairies.

A man and his hat.

Woof woof.

Biker gals.

The Bean and Libba.


Veggie garden turned sandbox. With a little bit of dress-up still at large.

Spoiled rotten.

Balance bike!

The Bean and Laura are birthday buddies, exactly 25 years apart. So Portland here - facial har, flannel, bikes, fedoras, and a white girl holding a black baby doll.
Holy present schrapnel, Batman.

Sand and water table = mud table.

Baby/adult pics of Daddy, Mama, Papa, Mimi, Beebee and Grandma Nancy.
Thanks for the thoughtful gift, Beebee.

Hey Hey It's Your Birthday

A few photos for the books - celebrating Francie's 2nd birthday, on a Wednesday, with her parents and grandparents. And cake.
Francie and Papa

Francie sharing her cake.


Opening presents.

Elephant form Beebee.

Sweet girl.

Bus replica.


In the dress Mimi made her.

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