Sunday, November 30, 2014

(Just Pics) - Giving Thanks and Eating Turkey

They say being thankful is good for your health. While that might very well be true, I'm not sure the same can be said for the butter-soaked Thanksgiving spread we use to celebrate. But I am grateful for that nonetheless. And so are my New Year's Resolutions. Seriously though, I've been a bit selfish lately, and didn't even really take the time or energy to meditate on the many, many things in my life that I am so very fortunate to have and enjoy. First and foremost, I have been born into relative wealth - food in my tummy, a roof over my head, an intact and loving family, wonderful educational opportunities, and the privilege to live where I want doing what I want. More specifically, I'm thankful for my husband and daughter, my brother and father, my inlaws, my very best high school and college girlfriends, my Maplewood, and my job working with veterans with TBI/PTSD. (And chocolate chips, Hank Moody, dairy products, good bookstores, and Apple products).

And my health. I am always the most grateful for my health. I'm not necessarily the very best about respecting my "body as my temple" (note to Dad: don't leave those Reese's cups AND chocolate malt balls AND leftover chocolate chips AND candy corn at my house if you don't want me to end up overweight and diabetic before the New Year), but I am very fortunate to have a mostly excellent health record. While Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to practice being grateful, I think it's more important to do this on a daily basis, and not just around the holiday. I could use the reminder myself these days, though.

And on to pictures, most of which are poor quality, for reasons that escape me, other than to blame my husband for poor iPhone photography skills ...

This is what my dad and the Bean made on their day together Wednesday. When did Al join Pinterest anyway? I've never even crafted anything this elaborate, by myself, let alone with my toddler.

Turkey Day at the Flynn's.

Laura made a super-stylish table setting. Obvi.

Our 9th Thanksgiving together. Ninth?!? How is that even possible.

This girl blurs all the pics lately.

Jo, Laura, and Francie.

Eating one of those cookie/candy turkeys ...

... and the subsequent sugar high. That proud belly is omnipresent, not a result of the 1,500 extra calories.

She's "on" this phone all.the.time.

I love this face.

Baby massage.

Duck face? How does she even know that?!?

My aunt and uncle Carol and Jeff were in town from Indianapolis.

And they brought this AWESOME leisure suit, which the Bean proudly rocked.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Wish List

In light of what's going on in Ferguson, this feels more than a bit ridiculous. But in my defense, I started this blog post before then. No, not before the August 9th death of Mr. Brown, but before the grand jury decision. So anyway, we're GimmePigs, as my dad would say.

For me:
This cameo ring. But with the Bean's face. I previously had bought myself very slim stacking rings that had "bean" and "a&j" written on them, but they were thin enough that they broke. I prefer the look of the silhouette necklaces, I think, but am not one for necklaces as often.

A Spring Break trip for the family to Aspen, Colorado. My brother and Zahavah are living there, at least for the winter, and now that Alex's ACL is all healed up, and the Bean is old enough to take on the Magic Carpet, all I want for Christmas is a spring ski vacation with my favorite brother! Maybe Denver en route to see my BFF and her family, too, Santa?
I already bought this Old Navy sweater for myself. It's in my car to return, because even $55 seems like a lot to spend on myself for something I, A) don't need, and B) right before Christmas. But alas, maybe I'll have to keep it after all.,9017763,Dresses_SweatDress_11_18&clink=9017763
And because I do like clothes, and happen to wear dresses both at work and on my days off, Athleta dresses are like the very happy combo of the comfort of yoga pants with the flattery or wrap dresses. I like this colorblock dress, but would have to try on for style.

More seasons of Californication. Which won't be happening. But a girl can dream. At least Serial is still in business. And the next season of Girls will start up in January. But I have to say goodbye to Parenthood. So basically what I'm saying is, everyone I love leaves me.
Frye boots. I already have the mid-calf brown and black boots, but I don't feel like I can wear the black ones without appearing a little biker-babe, regardless of the ensemble. I actually prefer taller boots, like a cheap pair I have from several years ago. But I'm not about to fork over several hundred bucks for, essentially, another pair of shoes. That said, I could maybe go for a cheapie pair of ankle boots? I add the question mark for several reasons - I'm not sure I have the kind of body that can pull of shorties, and also, I'm not typically one to jump aboard short-lived trends, and I don't have a lot of faith this one will stick around long.

Shutterfly or Blurb gift certificates. So that I can finally make all those "Family Yearbooks" that I've intended to the last five years.

Books. I haven't read Amy Poehler's new one yet. And I've never read Mindy Kahling. I haven't read Cheryl Strayed's other book either. I, obvi, love wandering the aisles of Powell's, but lately I've been partial to our local Annie Bloom's lately.

For Hubs:
Because what "lumbersexual" couldn't use another nice Pendleton dress shirt??
or here:
I bought onesies for my brother and his wife, Zahavah, last year for Christmas, and really, Alex and I were both so jealous. This might have to be our Christmas Eve present to ourselves. Because really, who doesn't want to open their stockings/Santa Sacks in a grown-up onesie?!?
What he really wants/needs is a new bike jacket for commuting from SW to WL in the rain. And apparently some kind of new bike bag to hold his things.

And he wants free weights. Yeah, right, I'll believe that when I see it. We joke that maybe we'll just be the couple that works out together. Never.Gonna.Happen.

And for the Bean:

She totally wants to go off-roading in a wagon with all of her babies. Or, with a brofer or sister. But that I can't promise any time soon.
I mean, who can afford $230 for a kids' wooden puzzle, but my goodness I love this!
Shoes. And boots. Why do her feet keep growing?!?

Clothes, clothes, and more clothes. She's grown out of her 2T clothes, but we keep squeeeeeeezing her in just for good measure. I prefer cotton/casual dresses and tights for her, but she also needs long sleeve tops and some 3T pants. I'm partial to Target for all things toddler playwear, but I'll take whatever anyone's gifting. I also like H&M and Old Navy. But also hand-me-downs.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

(32 Months) - 2 Years and 8 Months Old

The Bean just keeps truckin' along at this growing up thing, with months passing us by. She continues to be a baby nyudist, stripping down to her duh-duh-duh-duh's anytime she's at home. But also, about 98% of her clothes are just too small. That's what she'll be asking Santa for this year. She's still obsessed with "deer in my campsite." Her favorite song is Caspar Babypants "Run Baby Run." She loves to play music with her daddy and host periodic concerts. She's reading Little Bear, Danny and the Dinosaur, and Sammy the Seal. She's in "school" just down the road at Vermont Hills daycare at St. Luke's  on Monday's and Tuesday's with Teacher Josh and Teacher Katie. On Wednesdays' Beebee (my dad) comes over to hang out with her, and helps with childcare coverage for times I pick up extra work. The past few Friday's she's hung out with Logan and Max at Shanon's house so that Rach and I can teach our "Talk With Me" class through West Linn PRD. We are bribing her with marbles if she stays in her own bed throughout the night; she gets two marbles to put in a jar if she stays in her bigkidbed, one marble if she sleeps in her sleeping bag on the floor in our room, and no marbles if she indeed climbs into bed with us. Once her marble jar is full, she'll get an "ice cweam date!!!" She says funny shit all the time, but I haven't been great about writing it down this month. ("I blessed on the floor"; "I want a brofer. His name be Horsie! Or Marley.") She dressed as a dog for Halloween and enjoyed trick-or-treating in Multnomah Village and in our neighborhood, although she still doesn't understand that she isn't in fact collecting candy for her daddy (separate blog post). Sadly, she's started pronouncing "stool" correctly, and I find myself saying "stoof," because I'm sad to see it go.

Every morning when I put on my makeup she sits on the counter to keep me company and puts chapstick all over her bare legs.

This is one of Alex's favorite photos, from when they were at the Children's Museum together and she painted her face.

Girlfriend loves bookstores and libraries.

Chocolate banana pancakes with Shanon.

Housebreaking the puppy.

Happy "Howl"oween.

Did you cast your vote? Weed passed in Oregon.

Mama and Bean on a sunny Gabriel Park flamily walk.

Coffee date at Maplewood Coffee.

Always the nyudist. Even in public.

Definitely a daddy's girl. And already obsessed with her Xmas PJs.

Toddlers are hard work. But nothing is sweeter than when they are sleeping peacefully.

The weather has turned. It's downright frigid for Portland standards.

BFF apple time. These monkeys make my Friday's fabulous.

Francine and Logan.

Max and Francine.
Someone got a haircut. From squirrel's nest to baby braid. And now she's obsessed with conditioner.

"I'm just hangin' with my brofers. Charlies and Iris."

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