Thursday, June 1, 2017

(Just Pics) - Mother's Day 2017

Visiting Grandma Nancy at her rock/bench at Mary S. Young State Park

Mother's Day is often a pensive, if not outright emotional, holiday for me. But also one of my very favorites; there is little this 30-something loves more than taking the time to celebrate my role as "mama." This year I found myself thinking about my own mom (obvi), my "One Hit Wonder" of a daughter and my secondary infertility, and also about the "momtors" (mom + mentor) throughout my life that I have been so lucky to know. Women who have been wonderful mothers to their own children, but also warm and gracious and nurturing and something of a maternal figure to me, too. Geri Grasvik, Patti O'Mara, Cindy Worth, Marilyn Jackson, Aunt Sue, to name only a few. My own girlfriends, including my BFFs; my gratitude for observing them as not only friends and daughters and sisters and wives, but now mothers, too. We all know that raising children takes a village, and sometimes the best "help" we receive is in the form of good modeling, or an open and accepting ear to bitch about your kid.

Francie painted me this vase at school, and her daddy helped her narrow down the 5 things she loves about her mama, including my kisses, laying together and snuggling/chatting at bedtime, helping (??), watching grown-up TV together on Mama Days, and having picnic lunch dates at the park.

If you asked, I wouldn't have named the board game "Life" as one of my top activities of choice for Mother's Day, but this girl's enthusiasm for all things holiday - and the best mocha in town from Maplewood Coffee - makes even the Game of Life as much fun as winning $20 grand in a hypothetical skateboard contest.

Mary S. Young - one of my most sacred places, and where I've spent days if not weeks of my adolescence running on these trails

Me and my best girl, the one who calls me "Mama," who made me a mother.

Grandma Nancy definitely would have adored her, too.

Long-cut through the grass up from the river, the highest I have ever seen it.

Francie randomly had this book out on her bed the day before Mother's Day, even though I had NEVER seen it on her bookshelf before. She said she didn't even know it was a book about mom, and that she'd never looked at it before either.

I cracked up reading some of the kid quotes about their moms, namely this one on the back: "If I threw a rock at my mother she'd still love me." (Insert laughing with tears emoji here).

On the inside is an inscription, which I am 85% confident is in my childhood handwriting. "A mom is someone who is always there to help, never gets the last word in an argument, who is good looking and delightful to be around. She's like a wall which protects her children. That's what I think a mom is." I'm 92% sure I plagiarized that analogy about the wall from right inside the book itself. Then again, it was awfully gracious of me to call my own mom "good looking" and to acknowledge that she allowed me the last word in arguments.

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