Thursday, June 1, 2017

(Stuff Jo Made) - DIY Trucker Hats & Grownup Bibs

For Alex's birthday in April, in an attempt to be 1) thrifty, 2) crafty, and 3) funny, I/Francie made him two new trucker hats, and a "grownup bib." For the hats, I meticulously researched all the graffiti-type artists and their elaborate methods and specific paint pen preferences. The thing is, the hats just look like we used Sharpies. What I did do, though, was have Francie use one of those evaporating pens used in marking fabric for sewing to draw her design directly on to each of the hats, and then I went over her lines with the fancy-paint-pen-that-looks-like-a-Sharpie. I was also supposed to spray the hat in some kind of a sealant, but I just didn't feel like it. As for the "grownup bib," I was inspired by none other than my friend Bob at Cornell Estates. Apparently, walker bags and adult bibs are all the rage in retirement and assisted living facilities, and I thought I was just the funniest by making one for my very own old man on his 36th birthday, in bacon fabric and all.




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