Saturday, June 3, 2017

(Stuff Jo Made) - "Moana Dress"

As someone irrationally and inconsistently opposed to "characters," I have successfully tricked my child into adapting a broader sense of dress-up. Case in point, her new "Moana dress." Does it look like she is dressed up in a Moana costume? Nope. But the fabric is Hawaiian print that Francie chose herself, has no "sleeves" (or straps), and is "long but not too long" hitting her below the knees, and she's not wearing shoes "because island people don't have to wear shoes because there's no dirt." Moana dress, mission accomplished. And after the fabric was selected, measured and cut, purchased, and washed, it took a total of 20 minutes - in the company of "Moana" herself no less - to thrill my Island Girl and catch the "How Far I'll Go" earworm.


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