I first started a "Bucket List" when I was 18 years old, in a tattered old diary. These are more or less ordered from most recent additions to the original life goals ...

Have a short film premiere at Portland International Film Festival (PIFF) or some other film festival like it.

Publish a children's story.

Pick up a hitchhiker.

Attend a fancy/relaxing/famous person writing workshop.

Learn to play the piano like that guy at the VA.

Start a freebox.

Meet my grandchildren.

Go sky diving?

Meet with a medium - I saw Suzi Caffreys, a "psychic medium," with Southworth Intuitive Consulting Services on 4/9/2015. My mind was not blown and I did not speak with my mom, but I was instructed "not to expand," and told poetically how Granny is a special guardian angel to Francine.

Earn a PhD.

Go to graduate school - earned Master's of Science in Communication Disorders and Sciences at UO in June 2011

Volunteer abroad.

Get married - married Alex Close 8/29/2009

See penguins - in Punta Tumba, Argentina in 2008

Raise chickens.

Milk a cow.

Spend a summer as a campground host.

Sew myself a dress.

Drive a sports car.

Live and work abroad.

Go hang-gliding - went paragliding over Telluride with RT in 2005

Visit all 50 states.

Go on a canopy tour - 2004 in Costa Rica with Stacy

Teach a class - designed and taught a "Talk With Me" class with Rach in 2014 via WLPRD

Fly in a helicopter - in 2006 flew over Iguazu Falls from Argentina with LVB

Hike Machu Pichu.

Take a big trip by train.

Shoot a gun - Sherwood gun club, .22 rifle, with Dad, Alex and Francine in 2014

Learn to fly.

Live alone - in 2010 Alex returned to PDX and I stayed in Eugene to finish graduate school

Complete a triathlon.

Use a trapeze.

Do a tree climb.

Visit a community that lives off the grid.

Go to a swinger's club.

Anonymously pay for someone's bill.

Be nude.

Go camping alone.

Walk the Camino - walked Leon to Santiago de Compestela (and to the Atlantic) with my dad, May/June 2016

Eat from my own garden - Alex built a planter box in 2012 and we ate tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, strawberries, and blueberries

Own a home - bought our place in Maplewood, moved January 2009

Travel Ireland with Alex - four generations of Doherty toured the homeland in June 2015

Bike in Italy.

Ride in a hot air balloon.

Have a family - Francine Lynn Close born 3/19/12

Complete a marathon - walked the Portland Marathon without training in 2003 with Dad; ran first half in Vancouver BC with Dad and Bri; completed two more in 2009 with a 1:52 PR

Get certified to teach yoga.

Write a book.

Write a book that people read.

Get paid to write a book that people read.

Summit a mountain - hiked Mt. Sneffels in 2004 with Stacy; hiked South Sister in 2010 with Alex

Overcome fear of flying - flew to London in 2002 to study abroad in Ireland

Save a life.

Leave the world a better place than I found it.

Hike in Hawaii - honeymooned in Kauai 2009, dayhiked 10 miles along the Napoli coast

Fall in love - met and fell in love with Alex in 2006

Visit the British Isles - studied abroad in Galway Ireland during junior year of college in 2003

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