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I find what people do for work – which occupies a huge chunk of our waking hours – fascinating. Of particular interest to me is what 20-, 30- and 40-something women do professionally. Whether they love it or hate it. How they found their path. Their employment experiences, education and training, and professional goals. How much money is made. What jobs there really are out there. Whether college was a "necessary" step. In another life, I would have loved to be a career counselor. Or a mentor. Or maybe a host of a reality show like Dirty Jobs or something. Or Oprah. I should have been Oprah. I love to know what other people do, what makes them tick, and to ask questions. There are a lot of blogs out there discussing, for example, tips for moms staying at home, activity and craft ideas, DIY, home décor, cooking and meal planning advice, etc., but I really haven't seen any for young women on the precipice of making decisions about employment experiences. In these written interviews, mostly from friends or acquaintances so far, I'm hoping for honesty. For people to share what they feel comfortable sharing. For the things that make us all the same, and the things that make our work so different. I'm curious about each cog in the wheel, how we put it all together to make the world go 'round. I'm looking to offer some Internet version of mentorship. While the most likely readers are my personal family and friends, in a certain fantasy world I would love if these interviews became available to high school and college women trying to “figure out what to do with their lives.” In some ways this is an attempt at "if I knew then what I know now," with a mix of voyeurism and self-reflection, all in one. Links to the archived interviews are posted below. And please contact me if you, too, would like to share your story.

2/12/2014: Intro to series

2/26/2014: My Life as an SLP

3/5/2104: Liz, a PhD Student in Maryland

3/12/2014: Anna from Montana

4/5/2014: Lindsay, A Cardiac Sonographer

4/16/2014: Libba, Insurance Broker

4/23/2014: Jenn, A Leadership Recruiter for a Leading Tech Company

4/30/2014: Jen, A Businesswoman from Detroit

5/7/2014: Words from a Wise Old Man

5/14/2013: April, An Industrial Designer for Mizuno

5/21/2014: Sarah, A Community Mental Health Associate

5/28/2014: Steph, An Acupuncurist and BurnCycle Instructor

6/2/2014: Betsy, RN

6/11/2014: Charmayne, a Spiritual Counselor

6/20/2014: Lisha, a CPA for

7/16/2014: Stacy, Nurse Practitioner on a Stroke Team

2/25/2016: Alyce, L.A. High School Principal

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  1. I love how you share the stories, definitely helps in choosing which way to go(:


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