Monday, August 31, 2015

6th Anni

Alex and I celebrated six years of marriage this weekend. And by celebrated, I mean I posted a picture and declared my continued love of my spouse on social media.

"Happy 6th Anniversary to the man that never fails to make me laugh ("instead of a movie we could just sit around and motorboat each other on the new rug"), supporter of my outside-of-the-box dreams (housetrucking anybody?), and all around best camping partner (I never have to lift a finger). Such a serendipitous meeting at the Tahoe World newspaper office that May day in 2006. Proud to have called you my fellow Oregonian, my coworker, my friend, my roommate, my luvah, my favorite person, my travel companion, my fiancé, my husband, and my baby daddy. I would vow to "love you as long as I am able" all over again right now. xoxo to many more years of good health, lots of laughter, and random-ass adventures together."

Seriously though, I thought about several fun things we could do to celebrate. Hot air ballooning. Renting a Harley. Going for a long hike or bike ride sans Francie. Do a tree climb. Because last year was a hard act to follow - we went for a few nights away in the San Juan Islands. This year we decided on taking our Bean backpacking for her first time. But then the weather forecast was nasty, and Alex got a cold. So we did mostly nothing. And that was just fine by me, our last weekend of the summer. A "staycation" if you will. I gave Alex a photobook of the boudoir pics he took last anniversary. Also, I wrote him a candy poem; the sixth anniversary gift is "candy," so I drafted a nice little love note using candy bars for some of the words. Only, I never did go buy the candy. So I just told him about my idea, and recited my poem for the family (it's the thought that counts, amiright?!?). Then we went for a family truck ride to Home Depot to buy me a new rug (it's like walking on a cloud, but our vacuum doesn't like the high pile, so we'll see how long it lasts). If boudoir books and home décor isn't love and romance, I don't know what is. Also, we watched part of Charlotte's Web, the movie. That's amore. All sarcasm aside, I sincerely love this shit out of this man, and don't really know how I scored a sweet, caring, hilarious, athletic, up-for-anything guy to call mine. Forever. For-e-ver.

Alex and Francie enjoying our new cloud rug and looking at my boudoir photo book. Seriously. If we can't teach our girls that they are supposed to be objectified young, and when can we? We then followed it with our wedding album, of which the Bean quickly became bored.

My dad sent us a sweet text and an actual card via snail mail. The Close's bought us an umbrella for our awesome new deck.

#youknowyou'reinyour30swhen ...

Flamily truck ride!

I edited this post to add my cheesy candy poem that I never did even make:

I'm a NERDS, so feel free to SNICKER at my note, but I just love you to REESE'S PIECES. I SKORed when I found you. SO TAKE5 to read six things I love about you on our 6th anniversary.
1) You make me LAFFY TAFFY.
2) You are a SMARTIES pants.
3) You're one HOT TAMALES.
4) You're the best daddy to our SUGAR BABIES.
5) You are FUN DIP to be around and a total SWEETARTS.
6) Basically, you're my LIFESAVER.
I wouldn't trade you for 100GRAND.
NOW&LATER and always,
P.S. Now ROLOver so I can touch your WHATCHAMACALLIT.

(Just Pics) - Smiling River Campground

Hunter, Francie, Lincoln, Mila, Josie, and Gus

It's now been two weeks since we got back from our epic multi-family camping trip of the summer. Although, technically speaking, it was less epic than last summer, because in 2014 there was both a pregnancy and a divorce that immediately followed our rainy nights at McIver State Park. This year, however, we got nothing but sun, and our daughter was the epitome of a Happy Camper. I got my best nights' sleep in weeks, and Alex loves nothing more than having a valid reason to drink in the day and not shower for multiple days. Along with three other families - the Franzkes, Beckwiths, and Hubbards - we set up camp for four days along the Metolius River, near Camp Sherman outside Sisters in Central Oregon.

Family Camping By the Numbers:
9 grown ups
8 group meals
7 coolers
6 kiddos
5 bikes/scooters
4 campsites
3 nights
2 kayaks 
1 lake day
0 campfires

Flamily roadtrip!

In-car entertainment. The kid, not the waterpens.

Poopin in the woods.

Better view than the pit toilets.

Hot chocolate is a "special treat" when camping.

Biker gang. The Bean can't even pretend to keep up with these boys.

Loving on Baby Josie.

"Let me take a picture with Kiki."

Camp fun.

Family of four?

Gus, Francine, and Hunter in the hammock.

Camp Sherman store = push-pops and iced lattes

Meal time!

Francie and Mila.

Our camp during breakfast preparation.

Mama and the Bean

Lake Day!

Francie, Jeremiah, and Mila.

Somebody get this girl her own baby! Jo, Josie, and Francie.

Josie's first dip in the lake.

Alex, Joanna and her thighs, and Francine lakeside.

Suns out buns out.

These girls.

Gnarbuckler Jer, hittin' the Metolius.

Zachariah and Alex tag along.

More hammock fun - Gus, Lincoln, Francie, Mila, and Hunter

We brought so many blankets that I actually stayed warm!

Breezy, Josie and Francie.

Baby Josie just hangin.

Flamily photo.

Seriously, camp was all about this hammock.

And what's a camping trip without your onesie?!?

Monday, August 24, 2015

(41 months) - 3 Years + 5 Months

Many summer adventures with Daddy, including three nights away at Cow Camp.

Second trip abroad, to Victoria, BC.

No naps, taking ~1 hour of quiet time in her play room.

Super obsessed with rhyming. And she now has the hang of it.

Obsessed with whether or not we'll be driving on the freeway.

Tries to tell jokes. "Mama, knock knock ... banana ... banana orange ... banana tree."

Went on her first "big girl hike."

Got to spend a week with Mimi watching her.

Has mastered the fish face.

Budding photographer ... "I want to take your selfie."

Adventuresome eater. Avoider of dinner.

Cruising on her scoot bike. We've taken to doing a loop after dinner.

New imaginary friends Ova and Nyna, in addition to Iso and Gogo.

F: "I like riding over the rocks."
Me: "Why?"
F: Because I like to be a mountain goat. 

When trying to explain that the red button on my keys is for emergencies, and then describing what emergencies are, "did you push it when grandma Nancy was dead?"

Watches a show a few times each week, usually Caillou or Daniel Tiger. She even asked for spaghetti last week because Calliou eats it. 

"When I was nine I was hiking in the mountains and I saw a beautiful city. With penguins. When I was hiking in the mountains I saw more deers than you."

My little threenager: "I'm mad at you. I really am."

"You better drink your coffee so you get nice and tall."

"These help me see better than motorcycles. I have 6 eyes. Not in my brain but outside my brain. I don't want baby books. I want 4 year old books."

F: "There's a motorcycle. Would you let me ride a motorcycle?
Me: "Hell no."
F: "Well I would. I would ride and ride with daddy."

"Let's make a different deal. How about you lay here and you give me the flashlight."

"Mommy, can we meditate?"

"Ready for action, girl."

"Mama, do you think owls are eating dinner right now? Because they're oktertle (nocturnal)."

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