Monday, December 29, 2014

(Just Pics) - Closeman Family Pics 2104

Thanks to the generosity of a family friend, Patti O'Mara, we've had our family portraits taken for the last two years - free of charge! We don't often have opportunities for pics of just the three of us, and when we do, it's usually with an iPhone by someone whose hands might be a bit on the shakier side and whose vision appoximates that of an old man (Dad). No one but me cares about seeing nearly every photo, but I never do get around to printing any to hang in the house or making those photo albums I've been resolving to make every January for the last 5+ years. So this will have to suffice, at least for now.

 My favorite picture. Maybe of the Bean EVER. That face. That expression!

This was the one we chose to send out with our annual Christmas letter.


This angle isn't doing me any favors.

Such an infectious laugh she has.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

(Just Pics) - A Perfectly Perfect Christmas

This has been one the best Christmas-times to date. We've been fortunate to have time and energy to spend with some of our best friends and our family. And we've got another round of some of our favorite company coming in to town to celebrate the New Year with us. Let's just say there seem to be too many blessings to count these days. In other words, we are spoiled. But at least we know it. And like to send thank you cards.

Grown-up holidays party and the Huffz

The Bean was very interested in her crying picture with Santa from her first year.

Our little Bean thinks she's artsy.

Mama and the Bean.

Gingerbread "contest" at our BFF Christmas celebration at the Menne's.

Rachel and Max

Scott, Katie, and Baby May.

Karl and Logan.

Gingerbread family.

Yup, she's my daughter.


BFFs and babies!!!

Francie had a great time handpainting our wrapping paper.

Christmas eve dinner. "We are ALL here!"

The Night Before Christmas.

The family that onesies together has funsies together.

That 'stache.

Papa and his little darlin'.

The clothes came off quickly. You know, in favor of wearing rain boots.

The little ballerina. I got her a leotard and ballet classes for Christmas, and my aunt sent her a ballerina collector's doll. Turns out I am indeed going to have the girliest of girls!

Francie painted this for Mimi.

Francie with Beebee and the recipe book he made (more later).

I LOVE Christmas cards/photos so much I could leave them up year-round.

Francie, Daddy, and the crib he made for her babies.

Family wagon walk.

My beautiful, beautiful girl. And her new wagon.

And my main man. And his killer stache.

My favorite present of the season, thanks to my in-laws - this gorgeous Pendleton bag and wristlet set - every Oregon girl needs something just like this!

My dad made this amazing recipe book for Zahavah and Francine for Christmas this year. He went above and beyond on this sentimental family heirloom. He not only compiled several of my mom's favorite Christmas cookies recipes, but also documented our family history with food for the Ferguson and Hartman sides.

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